Julian Penney - Nobby!


Player Information

So much to say and so little time and space. A fine opening bat, decent captain through some bad times and good. Undoubtedly one of the club's finest socialisers it's been my pleasure to spend an evening ending up under the table with. The club's finances took a hit when he retired!
Such a calm presence at the top of the order, despite his height he worked the quicks off the back foot and he hit a long ball when the game dictated. His hundred against Great Tew one of the top ten of Challow league hundreds. Against a good side on a damp wicket, almost batting through and ending up hitting half a dozen over a long, straight boundary.
He captained like he batted, always cool despite the ever present idiot that you get in any team. The hotheads, the morose (me) and to his eternal credit, he took them all in his stride. Chris Warblers said that Nobby always ran like he has a parachute tied to his arse, a bit harsh I always felt.
When we won the Oxfordshire KO he accepted batting down the order, despite being the most natural of openers, no histrionics, the team always came first. This says everything about Julian - it's always a team game.