2nd's v Didcot

First and foremost and for the groundsman's sanity, this was not a wicket more suitable for growing carrots on. This was a flag-stone hard batsman's heaven, made for heavy scoring. Instead, we had a miserable mismatch of a game. At least with last week's mismatch there was quality from both sides on display, despite the runs scored against us, our bowlers stuck at their task well. Yesterday our bowlers could do no more than bowl straight and wait for our opposition to self-immolate (self-immolation usually an act of ritual suicide, but it applies here)
Joe Durie 5 wickets for six runs the pick. And all this after our opposition chose to bat first (bad move skipper)
Unlike last week when the 2nd's were chasing over 300 and got close, this time we needed the princely target of 38, we never lost a wicket and our openers were gifted 23 runs in extras.
The only consolation was a sun-filled chance to have an early drink. Harder battles to come, but momentum always a welcome friend going forward.