We're looking to get at least 40 player profiles on here. Blake will be doing the current players. Whilst I wallow in all our yesterdays!

Kenneth Ian Pert

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Kenneth Ian Pert… WEED There are obvious exceptions, but the…

Mike Hannaby talks to Blake B

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At last I bring you a reflection on an interview…

Ross Packham

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Player Profile: Ross Packham Ross Packham, underniably one of Challow's brightest…

Joe Harris

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''I'd like to push for promotion'' said 1st team captain,…

Freddie Robson

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Freddie Robson is best known for his free-flowing strokeplay at…

Ryan Gordon

By Blake

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This former club captain is ever present in 1st XI…

Julian Penney - Nobby!


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So much to say and so little time and space.…

Chris Warboys

Simply the Best

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I guess that no one could argue that Warblers was…

Conor Jones

*Awaiting an image for the jones boy*

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Conor Jones is an experienced bowler in the top 2…

Nigel Hill

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From a 16-year-old baby faced assassin, capable of batting top…